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This website was originally intended to make booking of the Grovehill Community Centre a little easier. We then decided to include the Grovehill Youth Centre. Well before long, the idea of having a community website seemed rather appealing, so here we are!

Here you can...

So why didn't we opt for Facebook or Twitter? Well, for start we wouldn't have been able to easily put up the booking forms for the community centre and the youth centre . The main reason however, was that people tend to like and follow pages they think are worthwhile at a particular moment in time. After a few weeks though, it's human nature to get a bit bored with the constant notifications. Some may feel obliged not to unlike or unfollow but many do just that.

A website is a place you can choose to visit as and when, so there's no pressure and of course there's a lot more control and versatility.

So, resources willing, this website will be maintained as regularly as possible by me, the volunteering webmaster. It's all a bit new so please be patient.