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Terms & Conditions of Hire – Grovehill Community Centre

  1. There is a refundable deposit of £140 or £200 for 21st parties and £55 for Children’s parties. This will be returned to you after a satisfactory inspection of the premises following your booked event.
  2. A damages deposit of £100 is payable in advance for regular bookings. This will be returned to you after a satisfactory inspection of the premises following the end of your regular (block) booking schedule.
  3. Should the cost of any damage caused by you or members of your group or parties present at your event, exceed the amount of the deposit, you will be liable for the difference.
  4. Your payment is for you to use the rooms you have booked for the time allocated. You cannot use additional rooms during your booked period.
  5. There will be no charge for half hour set up and half our tidy up.
  6. The Community Centre must be informed of any cancellations at least forty-eight hours prior to an event being scheduled. This includes regularly occurring bookings. Failure to offer appropriate notice will result in your booking deposit of 30% of your original booking fee being retained indefinitely by the Community Centre.
  7. All bookings must be paid for in full within seven days of your event or within seven days of the issue date of an invoice.
  8. Part payment in advance, after an event or after an invoice has been issued will not be accepted either for single or long-term (block) bookings.
  9. The premises should be left in a clean state.
  10. Your event may not be covered by the community centre’s public liability insurance. It is strongly recommended that you arrange your own insurance. For clubs that wish to hire out any part of the community centre on a regular basis, you must provide your own insurance.
  11. The community centre is not liable for damage to or theft of personal property.
  12. No firearms and/or dangerous drugs may be brought onto the premises.
  13. It is an offence to smoke on the premises.
  14. Alcohol may only be brought onto the premises to be consumed by adults over 18 years of age. Alcohol cannot be sold on the premises. If you require a bar you must contact our bar manager Deniece Colley 01442 590135 or
  15. It is your responsibility to remove and dispose of your rubbish in a proper manner. It is not permissible to leave rubbish outside or in the vicinity of the community centre.
  16. While every effort is made to maintain the Grovehill Community Centre to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, in the event that you feel that the premises are not clean or is unsafe, you should report this to either the caretaker or the manager immediately. It is advised that you do not proceed with your booking until the premises are returned to a clean and safe state.
  17. I confirm I have appropriate insurance.
  18. I confirm I am familiar with the Fire Procedure in the centre.
  19. I confirm, if working with children/vulnerable adults that I have DBS checks and policies in place.
  20. All times and dates subject to confirmation by the Centre Manager. No booking can be extended beyond 11.45 pm on Saturday or 10:30 pm on Sunday.
  21. This form when returned constitutes a provisional booking. To confirm a booking, the hirer must pay.
  22. The hirer’s signature on this application form shall constitute acceptance of the ‘Conditions of Hire’ laid down by the G.N.A.

The personal information that you have provided maybe used to contact you via e-mail, telephone or post and will be recorded as a diary entry.  Your privacy is our priority and we promise to keep your details safe and will never pass them on.

All data is retained exclusively within the United Kingdom.  Please confirm that you are happy with our terms and conditions and for us to contact you with the information you have provided by signing below and returning the completed forms.

Block bookers wanting regularly recurring events must provide the following documentation:

  1. A current insurance certificate.
  2. Policies relating to working with Children (if applicable).
  3. Policies relating to working with vulnerable adults (if applicable).

A downloadable version of our Terms and Conditions can be found here.