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Grovehill Community Centre now accepts debit and credit cards - a first in Hemel Hempstead

Grovehill Community Centre becomes the first community centre in Hemel Hempstead to offer a debit / credit card payment option.

"It feels like it's taken forever to sort this out." says GNA chairman, Cllr. Alexander Bhinder.

Alex continues... "As the demands and expectations of community centre managers increases with things like GDPR compliance for example, I really want to try to save some time (and hence, money) on the things that should be simple and straight-forward.

Card readers used to cost hundreds of pounds a year and there was no way that smaller organisations could afford them. In the past eighteen months however, there's been a significant increase in availability of these smaller, lightweight readers and service providers that don't charge a (big) monthly fee.

I ended up going for the PayPal reader for one reason only; I had just set up a PayPal account for the GNA, so it made sense. Oh it seemed too easy. Err... yeah, right.

Julie and I have been a bit busy with setting up charity bank accounts recently, including the GNA's PayPal account. Without going into details, it's been a complete and utter nightmare. Determined to sort this out once and for all, we persevered so life's going to be a little easier at the Grovehill Community Centre from now on.

To the best of my knowledge, Grovehill Community Centre is the first community centre in Dacorum to offer a card payment facility."