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Mesco Express Henry Wells Square, GrovehillMany years ago, the area behind Tesco Express up on Henry Wells Square was not just a constant eyesore but a fire hazard and a source of litter, especially during periods of high winds.

Despite numerous attempts to resolve the matter amicably with Tesco Express, Alex took advice from Mike Penning and reluctantly requested that Dacorum Borough council begin proceedings against Tesco Express.

Miraculously, the matter was sorted out the day before the hearing and subsequently the courtyard outside the community centre had a long period of being clean and tidy.

mesco-xpress, henry wells square, grovehill 2019Over the past couple of years though, things have slipped back to the bad old days. Alex has had several meetings with the management of our Tesco Express and is getting quite fed up with listening to excuses like “clear things with head office” and “no room to manoeuvre and store rubbish inside the building”.

The situation is getting worse with complaints coming in from residents and even other shop keepers on the square.

Our Tesco Express is a much appreciated convenience right in the middle of Grovehill but why can’t they operate with a little more consideration for the environment and the community?” Asks Alex.

I really don’t want to go down the same road as I did a couple of years ago. It’s insane to consider the resources that are involved on both side but it looks like Tesco Express might leave me no choice.