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change of host for

Many regular Internet surfers will be familiar with the 'Not Secure' message that pops up when visiting a hhtp website. So on 29th March 2019, Alex decided to install SSL certificates on the Grovehill website, thereby converting it from http to https. This would give visitors to the site a little more confidence in its authenticity and would be required when the on-line shop goes live.

Aaaanway... after doing the necessary, not only did the website disappear but Alex also lost access to the back-end and wasn't able to access the site for administrative purposes.

After contacting support and being told that there was an incompatibility issue with the website's theme (template design), he decided to move it to another host, one that he's familiar with and which hosts a lot of other sites that he has charge over.

Well, the transfer was supposed to take between twenty-four and forty eight hours suffice to say that the whole process took just under eleven days.

"I'm so not impressed by the service I received by JustHost and decided to move a couple of other sites I had with them over to 1&1 Ionos. Luckily I was able back up and make a temporary redirection to a sub domain I made at Things weren't right but while the transfer was in progress, residents were still able to access the site and even contact us and make bookings.

My sincere apologies to residents for any inconvenience. If I'd had known..." says Alex