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Tree saved in Claymore on International Earth Day

Mid afternoon and Alex received a call from a very concerned resident in Claymore. Hertfordshire County Council contractors had been busy verge hardening to make more room for cars and were about to take down a chestnut tree, when they were confronted by Angeline. After expressing her concern, the team agreed to leave, presumably to wait to see what would happen.

Your local councillors have been wanting to get verge hardening done in a specific part of Claymore, for some time. Residents have been keen for a solution that would alleviate the car parking problem but unfortunately, Claymore has been pushed down on the list… until now, that is.

The original plan would have made many more parking bays but will have meant that an old chestnut tree would have had to be taken down.

As is common practice prior to verge hardening commencing, residents were contacted by DBC asking for their opinions and comments. The tree was mentioned but it would seem that it got overlooked.

Angelin telephoned Alex who decided to pop over and have a look at what was going on.

Alex could see that the land around the tree had been damaged by service vehicles but noted that it didn’t really have to be taken all the way back to the tree.

After a couple of calls, it was confirmed that the project would be put on hold and an alternative solution would be found, thereby saving the much loved chestnut tree.

“I’ve said before that we can’t be everywhere all the time and I’m grateful that Angelin called me straight-away. To be honest, I told her that I couldn’t make any promises but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with a specific council officer who returned my call, although he was on holiday. He contacted Hertfordshire County Council and managed to stop the works while things are re-planned. This was great result for Earth Day!”