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We've received comments from residents of Stevenage Rise and users of the Grovehill Youth Centre who are quite perplexed at the appearance  of a shipping container in the Grovehill Youth Centre car park.

Cllr. Julie Banks has been dealing with DBC to find out more and to try to get the container removed. The latest is that the 'owner' has been found and has been given notice.

We've heard rumours that this person is also using the car park as his own 'garage' and is apparently fixing cars! Seriously?!?!?!?

Mid afternoon 30th May, Alex receives a call from a concerned resident as, what looked like garden waste , had been strewn across the garage block at the top of Craigavon Road. With complete and utter disregard to residents, specifically garage owners, several garages weren’t even accessible, forcing residents to clear up a lot of the rubbish themselves.

Many thanks to residents who reported the incident, took details of the perpetrators and who helped clear the area, to DBC enforcement officer, ‘Chris’ for attending the scene so quickly and to the occupier of the garage in question for supplying details of the couple of guys he’d paid to clear his garage and who not only created the mess but also stole some of his tools and equipment.

Above is a snap taken as the fly-tippers as they make their exit. The number plate of the truck is LR53 YCB.

The perpetrators are described as two young white males with English accents, of slim build, medium height and with short cut hair.

Two young women apparently joined them arriving in a Vauxhall (Omega size) car.


Election 2019 Conservative win for Grovehill











Lib / Dem











Turnout = 29%.

Winning an election is a humbling experience at the best of times. People voting for you to represent their community is a very unique thing. With the current political climate and so many people feeling fed up and quite despondent at what’s going on nationally, it’s incredibly reassuring that the same people put their community first and thought carefully about voting in the recent local elections, here in Grovehill.

Alex says "I enter my fourth term with an overwhelming sense of humility and hope that Julie, Goverdhan and I have the strength to carry on delivering for Grovehill.

In 2015, we had a national election at the same time as local elections. The percentage Conservative vote in Grovehill then was 53.8%. The turn out was just over 60% compared to about 29% this time around. To retain such a close percentage share of the vote at a time when anything to do with politics makes most of cringe, is truly remarkable and we sincerely thank residents for their support.

Julie says “We consistently heard the same comments of frustration and annoyance while we canvassed during the weeks leading up to the election and this time around we can only be particularly grateful to Grovehill residents for their continued support and for focusing locally rather than being distracted by the national picture.

Goverdhan says "We're delighted that yet again, we have the confidence of our community and we can't wait to get stuck back into things.”

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had some amazing feedback from residents. With many expressing satisfaction with what we’re doing in Grovehill, we also have a long list of ward issues to pick up on and some excellent ideas. Many thanks to one resident of Marlborough Rise for example, for suggesting the erection of an acoustic wall between the Marlborough Rise estate and the Link Road. This one’s quite ambitious but we’ll certainly be following it up."

A final word from Alex... "Westminster and the press need to stop reinforcing the lines that divide us as a nation. In fact we all need to stop referring to each other as remainers and leavers, left-wing, right-wing and so on. It's old hat and people have had enough. While canvassing, we met residents of various political persuasions but there's one thing we all have in common and that's a desire to bring the nation together again. 

With both main parties taking such a hammering, with the message being quite clear, let's hope that Mrs. May and Mr. Corbyn have the wisdom to act on the frustration of the nation."

The table below shows results of the local election for Grovehill in 2015.










Lib / Dem











Turnout = 60.39%. Joint national and local elections may be responsible for higher turnout.

IMPORTANT: The figure in the tables above showing the total number of votes is NOT the number of people who voted.

Remember that Grovehill is a 3-councillor ward which means that in a local election, each voter can vote for up to three candidates. Most voters did indeed vote for three candidates but some voted for only one or two.

For election results on the rest of Dacorum, please click here.

Dacorum Civic Centre - apocalypse nowHemel Hempstead has had a nice, new, shiny council home (The Forum), for well over two years, now. So why on earth do residents of Hemel Hempstead have to put up with having to look at something that resembles a scene from some post-apocalyptic horror film, as they drive past the old Civic Centre site along the Leighton Buzzard Road?

Dacorum Civic Centre - apocalypse nowWell, things didn't go quite according to plan. At the bottom of the building are two sub stations; one electrical and one for water and at a cost of some £300,000 just to decommission them, Dacorum Borough Council is treading carefully.

The sub-stations were supposed to be decommissioned in June 2019 but we have recently learnt that the schedule has been moved back to the end of the year.

We're in the process of getting details so please do check in again soon.

Residents in Grovehill are still being plagued by selfish, inconsiderate idiot bike riders who have about as much regard for the law and other people as a potato.

Above is a snap of one guy who was caught on camera at 15:56 on Easter Monday in Grovehill Playing Fields. Someone must know this bloke. That someone probably doesn't know what he's up to and the danger he's imposing not just on himself but other people and children who are enjoying the park. Either way, if you know this numpty, please either let us know or let the police know via 101.

Hemel Hempstead drivers (and their passengers, I guess) who had to use the Leighton Buzzard Road over the Easter weekend were baffled by the traffic control opposite Gadebridge Park. Was it just us or can anyone else notice the severe lack of road works, hedge trimming, tree felling or any other activity?

"If Herts Highways was responsible for this, I'd love to hear the reasons behind it. They know I'm not their biggest fan!" Says Alex.

Thursday 11th April; Alex, Julie and Goverdhan were out meeting with residents. Julie received a call from a resident in Marlborough Rise concerned about a fly-tip in that road. Alex and Goverdhan attended within a few minutes and couldn’t believe what they saw.

This was blatantly an office clear-out with filing cabinets, server cabinets, mains distribution and networking cables not just on the pavement but in the road.

The incident was immediately reported and a massive THANK YOU to the police for clearing the road and Craig Thorpe and his team at the Cupid Green depot of Dacorum Borough Council for getting this cleared up so quickly.

In fact it wasn’t just your councillors who called this in but another resident called the police after noting the registration number of the white box van that was parked up in the area and which is believed to have been carrying all this stuff before it was dumped. So while no evidence was found in amongst the dumped items, the police and DBC do have a lead.

In the meantime... If anyone recognises this stuff or has any information regarding the origin of it or even the perpetrators who dumped it, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, then we’ll respect that.

If you’re not sure about a vehicle parked up near you, then just report it to the police on 101. Of course it would be helpful if you could provide a description and a registration number.

We’ve dealt with a few fly-tips over the years but I’ve never seen anything like this. We understand that it happened between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon which is particularly concerning as the people who did obviously aren’t too concerned about being noticed. The fact that no evidence pertaining to the origins of the items was found, suggests that the perpetrators are quite aware that DBC does go through a fly-tip looking for clues as to its origin.

We’d ask that all residents report any suspicious vehicles or activity, immediately.” Says Alex.

It’s such a shame that there are people out there that demonstrate such complete and utter disregard for the environment and other residents. Together however, we can beat them.

Alf Davidson with wife, MaggsAt 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday 9th April 2019, our dear friend and colleague,  Alf Davison, longtime caretaker of the Grovehill Community Centre, passed away at Watford General Hospital, following a severe stroke.

Our hearts go out and we offer our deepest condolences to his wife, Maggs and their family.

Alf was born in Durham on 4th March 1951 and had worked as the caretaker at the Grovehill Community Centre since 22nd August 2003.

Alf was one of that rare breed of dependable and friendly people who make places like the Grovehill Community Centre not just functional but very welcoming at the same time. A hard worker with a great sense of humour that brightened everyone's day, Alf is going to be sorely missed by staff and visitors alike.

R.I.P. Alf Davison.

change of host for

Many regular Internet surfers will be familiar with the 'Not Secure' message that pops up when visiting a hhtp website. So on 29th March 2019, Alex decided to install SSL certificates on the Grovehill website, thereby converting it from http to https. This would give visitors to the site a little more confidence in its authenticity and would be required when the on-line shop goes live.

Aaaanway... after doing the necessary, not only did the website disappear but Alex also lost access to the back-end and wasn't able to access the site for administrative purposes.

After contacting support and being told that there was an incompatibility issue with the website's theme (template design), he decided to move it to another host, one that he's familiar with and which hosts a lot of other sites that he has charge over.

Well, the transfer was supposed to take between twenty-four and forty eight hours suffice to say that the whole process took just under eleven days.

"I'm so not impressed by the service I received by JustHost and decided to move a couple of other sites I had with them over to 1&1 Ionos. Luckily I was able back up and make a temporary redirection to a sub domain I made at Things weren't right but while the transfer was in progress, residents were still able to access the site and even contact us and make bookings.

My sincere apologies to residents for any inconvenience. If I'd had known..." says Alex

Dacorum Borough Elections - 2nd May 2019

Polling stations will be open between 7:00 a.m. and 10: p.m. on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Let's face it, politically, things are really broken, here in the UK at the moment. While the main parties deal with their respective internal battles and no common ground being found over Brexit, people are becoming increasingly despondent and quite fed up with our 'leaders' and the entire political regime, as other important matters are being pushed aside. As a result, many are wondering whether their vote is actually worth anything. Indeed the whole Brexit thing has forced serious questions over the very foundations of our democracy, whatever way you voted back in 2016.

The only thing we all agree on is that the nation is divided. Any impetus to unit the British people however, must now come from the top, from our leaders. Perhaps they should start by working with the media and refraining from grouping the nation into leavers and remainers.

Well, local councillors can't really do much about the big picture and it's upsetting that the parties they belong to, are indeed so broken and the system is in such disarray. Having said that, voters should consider that a non-vote with the intention to protest against what's going on, is potentially going to lead to the compromise of management of local issues. Dare it be said but let's not cut our noses off to spite our faces!

So, if you're still up for it, here's how it all works...

Politics isn’t a compulsory subject at school but at least now with the Internet, it’s a bit easier to suss out how it all works and what it’s about. I think if it was compulsory, it might be one of those lessons during which we’d all choose to dream about what we’re going to be doing at the weekend! Yeah, it can be a bit boring… until it affects us directly, that is and then we tend to moan about certain decisions (and the people who make those decisions) that can have such an impact on our day-to-day lives.

Okay, so here’s a quick run-down: Fundamentally, there are three levels of government; national, county and district. Some districts are boroughs or cities. If you live in a village, you might have a fourth level, the parish council.

Members of each level can be elected every four years although it’s rarely the same four years, if you know what I mean. This year for example, in some areas in the UK, it’s the turn of residents to elect representatives for their district and borough councils but not for county or national government. 2021 for example, will be election year for county.

Each district or borough is divided into wards, like Grovehill and there are a fixed number of representatives based on population, per ward. With over 8,000 people in the ward, Grovehill is a 3-seat ward (three councillors at borough level).

You may have heard of boundaries being moved on occasion and some are under the impression that this is done to favour a particular party, perhaps the majority party at the time . In fact, boundaries are controlled by the Boundary Commission for (in our case) England and has nothing to do with any one political party.

Candidates are usually members of a single political party although that doesn’t have to be the case. Anyone can stand as an independent candidate. The advantage of being a member of a political party however, is that as a candidate, you get support. The advantages of being a member of the leading political party, the party with the greatest number of seats, are that you have more of say in local affairs and again, you get a lot more support to get things done in your patch, be it a ward, a village or a constituency.

So, on 2nd May, residents across the Borough of Dacorum have the opportunity to vote for whom they’d like to represent them at council. As mentioned, Grovehill is a 3-councillor ward which means that residents in Grovehill can vote for up to three candidates. It makes sense to vote for candidates who perhaps you know have worked closely together and who have a track record of resolving issues in the area and dealing with residents’ individual matters.