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Mess Behind Tesco Express 2202-08-27

This comes up more times than any of us would like. In fact many years ago, at the point of taking Tesco Express to court, Tesco Express officials, DBC legal team and Alex accompanied by Sir Mike Penning MP, met at the back of the store and Tesco Express made a promise ensuring that things would be kept clean and tidy. That promise was kept for a long time but in recent years, things have gone back to how they used to be.


The fact that the whole lot was once set on fire (yes, you read correctly) a few years ago, either hasn't been passed on to subsequent management or Tesco Express don't give two hoots about things like that.

We've been told that Tesco Express simply don't have the room inside the building, to store stuff anymore. Well, that shouldn't be our problem and secondly, if the community accepts this 'excuse', then what's that got to do with keeping the back of the store tidy?!?!?!?

The picture above was taken on Saturday 27th August 2022 as a meeting of the Grovehill Neighbourhood Association was about to start at the Grovehill Community Centre. Alex took the picture and couldn't help but asking to see the duty manager who, in all fairness, did clean up the white stuff all over the ground. Unfortunately, he left the rest of the rubbish! 😡

Many Grovehill residents including Julie, Alex and Goverdhan, pick litter regularly around the ward. It's very disheartening that an organisation like Tesco Express demonstrates complete and utter disregard for our commitment to where we live.