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Professional Beggars Henry Wells Square 2023

Professional beggars at Henry Wells Square Christmas 2023

This year, Henry Wells Square has been given the best Christmas lights ever! They look amazing. DBC's Clean Safe & Green team have been out regularly, keeping the heart of Grovehill nice and tidy. So it's a shame that a group of five adults who are NOT homeless and who live in an adjacent ward, are choosing to pretend to be homeless outside our shops.

Residents have been bringing them food that they don't want. What they want is your money. They have strewn an array of belongings across our shops, including brand new sleeping bags, etc.

After being alerted to the issue, local councillors have liaised with the police and Dacorum Borough Council to try to get the situation under control.

Please do NOT offer the beggars food or money. They are NOT homeless or rough sleepers. If you want to help actual homeless people, then please donate to DENS.