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New Seating at Henry Wells Square

The recycling area in Henry Wells Square has long done its job and has kind of past its sell-by date. Over recent years, it's become a go-to point for fly-tippers and apart from the cost to DBC, the once useful and much appreciated site, has brought down the Shopping square which is at the heart of the ward.

New Seating Area in Henry Wells Square
A new seating area in Henry Wells Square.

Julie, Goverdhan and Alex promised to look into repurposing the area and many residents will have notice that several weeks ago, the old bring site was removed.

Bring site at Henry Wells Square is removed
Just before Christmas 2022, the old bring site in Henry Wells Square was removed.

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR, Henry Wells Square! 🙂

Below is a reminder of how things ended up with the old recycling area. Fly Tipping Henry Wells Square