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Everyone knows that drugs are not a Grovehill problem but something that adversely affects people across the world. In recent times, many dopeheads (cannabis users) have become quite brazen and are quite unphased by potential consequence of smoking cannabis in the open, in populated areas, with members of the public passing by.

If the stuff didn't stink so bad, most of us wouldn't probably notice but the truth is that the heavy, long lingering smell of weed has now become quite anti-social.

Before lock-down, Alex has seen dopeheads smoking their stuff in the open while having a pint at Jarman Park. Restaurant owners and staff simply don't seem to mind!

Very recently, it's become a thing to get stoned in our subways. With close proximity to residential housing, the horrible smell of weed has led some residents to complain that doors and windows need to be kept shut and that they can't even keep their kids in their own gardens!

We're aware that some people have been busted but we need more done about this very anti-social problem.

We're also aware that people smoking cannabis in their own property, is now rapidly becoming an equally anti-social thing for neighbours and we're trying to suss out just what to do about it.

In the meantime, we suggest that if you know that the dopeheads are occupying a council property, that you contact Dacorum Borough Council. If the residency is private, you should still contact DBC (anti-social behaviour team) but please also report the incident to the police on 101.

Like al Grovehill residents, we want to do something about this before it seriously gets out of hand, so perhaps the more of us that complain, the quicker something will be done. Alex has already contacted our Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, expressing concern.

UPDATE - 24th January 2022

On 20th January, I received an e-mail from David Lloyd's office, advising that the matter had been passed on to the local Chief Inspector and would be investigated.

David has never let us down, so I'm hopeful that something will be done about this.