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Goverdhan was out litter picking yesterday and Alex couldn't be outdone, so set off to do Aycliffe Drive at 7:00 this morning (Sunday 20th March 2022).

About a bag and half was collected, the vast majority of which was confectionary wrappers from 'kiddie' chocolate bars and sweets and cans and bottles of fizzy drink, from the hedge which boundaries Aycliffe Drive Primary School.

With hardly any litter here during periods of (relatively) recent lockdowns, when schools were closed, one could easily conclude that it's the children who drop the litter as they're taken to  or from school.

The awful amount of litter along this hedge and surrounding areas, can be seen as a reflection of the school and respective parents, both of which are disappointing. There was a time when Aycliffe Drive pupils went out regularly picking litter. It would seem that this exercise which can potentially teach young children the benefits of being tidy, is no longer practised.

Parents of Grovehill kids and all Grovehill schools please take note. It literally doesn't look good!

UPDATE - 28th March 2022

Alex had to pop out this morning. Drive up Aycliffe Drive was upsetting and disappointing. He only litter picked here, a few days ago.

"After I cleaned up the mess, I thought I'd pop into the school and mention what I do on a regular basis. There was a sign on the gate asking visitors to wear a mask. I'd left mine in the car, duh. On the way back to car, I actually thought that what with rising COVID infections, perhaps the last place I want to be is in a school, so I decided to skip on that idea."